B&B Taxidermy Named as Gsells Whitetails Turn-key Taxidermy Service

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B&B Taxidermy Named as Gsells Whitetails Turn-key Taxidermy Service

B&B Taxidermy

Gsell’s is now offering a new top-level experience from the hunt to the mount

B&B TaxidermyGsell’s prides itself in two things. One: our massive deep timber whitetails, and two: providing the best all-inclusive experience for our hunters. We have made it our core mission to anticipate and furnish everything you may need during  your hunt with us. We provide excellent lodging, exquisite food, one-of-a-kind guides, plus transportation to and from the ranch!

In keeping with our mission of providing an all-inclusive experience, Gsell’s now offers a turn-key process for your trophies and mounts with our friends at B&B Taxidermy!

Who Is B&B Taxidermy?

BB Taxidermy
Mike Baird’s B&B Taxidermy is has operated since 1983 in Houston, Texas. They provide taxidermy for North American and African Mounts. B&B Taxidermy has been lauded by many hunters and organizations for their outstanding work in mounts, trophies and even designing trophy rooms. In the taxidermy world, you will find quite a range of quality, from work that you’re not necessarily proud to show off to first-class work. B&B Taxidermy is the latter.

B&B Taxidermy is known for the excellence and quality control given to each mount, whether it be the size of an elephant or a pheasant.

They are a family-run business with Mike and his family at the helm and most of their employees having been with them 20+ years. This makes their attention to detail and dedication to quality definitive of all their work.

B&B offers many options for mounting your trophies, no matter if it’s African, North American, global or exotic. Their team travels the world to see all of these animals in their natural habitat, providing a more natural looking mount to your specific animal.

In order to create a mount of the craftsmanship expected from B&B Taxidermy, they believe there must be specialists in each of those areas. B&B has clients from across the globe with much work in exotics, but one of B&B’s largest client bases are deer hunters! B&B Taxidermy is specialized in mounting Whitetail and Mule Deer.

What That Means for Our Hunters

B&B TaxidermyWith this new partnership, you will be able to leave the hassle of finding a trusted taxidermist, pricing and shipping your deer behind you. We believe that when you are looking for a high quality, first-class taxidermist to take care of your prized trophy… B&B Taxidermy fits the bill!

You will be able to pick a package that best suits your needs with B&B. This means you can have the exact mount you want from B&B including any extras you may require. Then Gsell’s will take care of the rest. That’s right, you shoot ‘em, we bag ‘em! Your deer will be fully prepared and shipped directly to B&B Taxidermy from Gsell’s.

Once your trophy arrives at B&B, you will be contacted by B&B to discuss trophies, mount possibilities and poses.

Shipping from B&B Taxidermy

BB TaxidermyWhen you finalize the mount process with B&B, they will ship it directly to your door. They have a long, trusted affiliation with Estes Express Lines, for larger orders. Estes Express Lines has proven that they can provide a safe, final journey for trophies. For smaller orders, B&B confidently uses FedEx.

Gsell’s is excited to offer one more way to serve our hunters in an all-inclusive manner. We want you to have the opportunity to take advantage of some of the world’s finest, high-quality taxidermy in our new turn-key process from the ranch to B&B Taxidermy, straight to your doorstep!

Read more about B&B Taxidermy at https://www.bbtaxidermy.com/