“Shawn, Chase, Greg made it an awesome trip.”

–Mark Hudson, Texas


“The comradery and scenery made this one of my favorite hunts! Plus, it’s an amazing facility with likable people.”

–Lindy Dolberry, Texas


“I’ll be back next year for the big deer and big stories!”

–Paul Wollenman, Wyoming


“All the staff are very friendly and professional.”

— Robert Johnston, Tennessee


“Everything they do is conducive to experiencing a successful hunt! We were made to feel very welcome. The staff was very responsive to our needs and the food was excellent!”

–Jeannie Logan, Texas


“Great guides! Good home cooking!”

–David Tauber, Texas


“The hospitality was fantastic and there’s a great selection of deer.” 

–Thomas Myers, Pennsylvania


“Great people! I’m very blessed to be able to take my son on a hunt together!”

–Daniel Wilson, Virginia


“Thank you! Best hunt ever!”

-Daniel Wilson, Virginia


“It was all great!”

–Roger Kidd, North Carolina


“Amazing deer population!”

–Bill Brooker, North Carolina


“Everyone went out of their way to make everything great! It’s the most beautiful facility I have ever hunted from.”

–Jim Lowe, North Carolina


“Keep doing what you’re doing!”

–James VanSteenhuese, Texas


“I loved that we prayed at the dinner table.”

–Jim West, Texas


“I really enjoyed my sits with Shawn in the blind. He’s good company.”

–Chris Nolan, Alabama


“All the team members did an excellent job on the hunt, from video to guides to follow through, we even got a second chance at the buck we were after.”

–Micah Haneline, Texas


“What an excellent bow hunt with my son?! The whole experience was wonderful!”

–Adam Haneline, Texas


“It’s a high-quality managed hunt for world-class whitetails! We saw magnificent deer and amazing fall colors!”

–Farley Daniels, Texas


“Everyone there is customer-focused.”

— Mark Erickson, Texas


“The guide did an excellent job getting on some deer! The cook hit a home run!” 

–Jason Chavis, North Carolina


“Shawn went above and beyond to find the deer I wanted.”

–Scott London, North Carolina


“Everyone I came in contact with was very knowledgeable and did a great job!”

–Mark Sutton, North Carolina


“Shawn and Chase really went the extra mile for us.”

–Geoffrey Barnes, New York


“Everyone has always been the greatest!”

–Randy Long, Virginia


“Everybody did anything they could to help! Look forward to coming back.”

–Robert Lake, Texas


“I loved everything, especially seeing the huge deer!”

–Cj Atkinson, Texas


“The guides can put you on any deer you want”

–Jarred Slaughter, Louisiana


“Getting my first trophy whitetail deer was the highpoint of my stay at Gsell’s.  And doing it with my family there too.”

–Debbie Greidanus, California


“The Gsell’s team was very informative about the deer.  You can tell they are very passionate about the animals.”

–Joseph Montoya, Utah


“I hope to come back! It’s definitely a hunt of a lifetime!”

–Danny Davis, Louisiana


“I really enjoyed the experience and the entire staff is top-notch!!”

–Brad Marsh, North Carolina


“The hospitality and quality of staff/team was the high point for me during my stay at Gsell’s.”

–Jessica Marsh, North Carolina


“Harvesting a monster buck was definitely my high point at Gsell’s.”

–David Emery, Pennsylvania


“Definitely the hunt of a lifetime!”

–Thomas Glass, Michigan


“I shot a big ass deer!”

–Aaron Nesbit, Texas


“Greg prepares great food.  Shaun did a great job getting it done!”

–Aaron Nesbit, Texas


“Seeing my children harvest deer was certainly the high point at Gsell’s. The staff was kind, gracious, and hospitable.”

–Andy Brink, Texas


“All the family had a great time and experience hunting at Gsell’s.”

–Danny Daniel, California


“The high point of my time at Gsell’s was seeing my grandchildren harvest a deer.”

–Terry Parker, Louisiana


“Would love to come again!”

–Shawn Summers, West Virginia


“Dreams do come true.”

–Chris Keen, Texas


“The guides do a great job putting you on trophy deer.”

–Fernando Andrade, Texas


“I would highly advise people to go hunt Gsell’s.”

— Victor Andrade, Texas


“Looking forward to coming back soon!”

–Carlos Sandoval, Texas


“There was not just one high point.  The whole experience -was- the high point.”

–Craig Clendenin, Texas


“The guides went above and beyond to help locate my wonderful deer.”

–Craig Clendenin, Texas


“It was a wonderful experience… from the lodge, to the guides, to the concierge, etc.”

–Craig Clendenin, Texas


“Shawn was a fantastic host and guide.  I had full confidence in his abilities and experience.”

–John-Erik Zalesak, Texas


“The lodge is nice and relaxing.  Everyone is welcoming and accommodations are above and beyond.”

–Erik Hewitt, Pennsylvania


“My visit to Gsell’s Whitetails was A+++++.”

–Jerrod Clunn, Texas


“Love it!”

–Mike Lewis, Louisiana


“I want to thank everyone for making this a lifetime memory.”

–Drake Parker


“Mr. Greg did an awesome job taking care of us and feeding us.”

–Brandy Parker, Louisiana


“An amazing experience!!!”

–Brandy Parker, Louisiana


“Tell your staff they were awesome!”

–TJ Parker, Louisiana


“Top notch service and people.”

–Justin Holub, Texas


“My high point at Gsell’s was the quality of deer.”

–Jeff Reed, Texas


“My high point at Gsell’s was EVERYTHING.”

–Steven Holt, North Carolina


“Excellent deer – hospitality – facilities.”

–James Copland, North Carolina


“Cook and guide did a fantastic job.”

–William Powell, North Carolina


“My high point started from the time I got here  til the time I left.”

–Danny Salsman, Texas


“Huge whitetail deer!”

–Dillon Fairbanks, Texas


“Watching my son shoot his 231 buck was certainly my high point at Gsell’s.”

–Chuck Fairbanks, Texas


“Great service, very friendly staff.”

–Mario Camou, Arizona


“Pulling the trigger on my 247 deer was certainly the high point.”

–Mario Camou, Arizona


“Too many high points to list!!”

–Corbin Cater, Louisiana


“Everyone was very professional and top-notch service.  The guides were first class and I fully enjoyed being able to experience this!  I will definitely return!!”

–Corbin Cater, Louisiana


“My 3rd time here.  Always hospitable and friendly.”

–Scott London, North Carolina


“I cannot say enough good things about Gsell’s.  Far exceeded expectations.”

–Scott London, North Carolina


“It all beat my expectations.  Would love to come back.”

–BJ Brower, California


“I would and will recommend Gsell’s to everyone in Alaska.”

–Ted Brower, Alaska


“First class operation.  First-class people …this same place with different people would not be the same.”

–Micah Haneline, North Dakota


“High point? My son getting his first bow kill and biggest deer to date.”

–Adam Haneline, Texas


“Awesome hunting experience! Great crew, fine accommodations, beautiful property, and BIG incredible deer.”

–Adam Haneline, Texas


“If you want a great deer and a fun time, call Gsell’s.”

–Jerry Rubenstein, Texas


“Recommend highly.”

–Dennis Kikoua, Texas


“I love it here.”

–John Glaze, Texas


“Hope to come back.”

–John Cambio, New York


“The entire trip was a high point …the beauty of the land and animals.”

–Garret Holub, Texas


“Watching both of my sons shoot good bucks was my high point.”

–Chris Holub, Texas


“You have an awesome cook.  Excellent facilities. Excellent setup.”

–Russell Logan, Texas


“Great place. Should have been here before.”

–Steve Reichas, Pennsylvania


“I have hunted many high fence operations.  This place has more 230+ bucks than anyone I’ve seen and it’s in very scenic deep timber hills.”

–Paul Wolleman, Wyoming


“Will be back!”

–Royce Farris, Texas


“The size of whitetails at Gsell’s was my high point.”

–Stephen Sudduth, Texas


“My high point?  All of the above …and taking a huge whitetail.”

–Mike Chatham, Texas


“I would recommend this experience to anyone.”

–Robert Haneline, Virginia